How your donation helps

Funding for the HMF is raised soley via your donations, bequests & membership fees as well as through fundraising activities and community grants. With the Hunter region having one of the highest incidence of melanoma in the world, it is important that the activities of the HMF remain primarily within the Hunter region and the area serviced by the Newcastle Melanoma Unit.

Awareness & education, early detection & prevention

The HMF sees the education and awareness campaigns within our schools and community groups as the primary purpose and key to the prevention and early detection of melanoma in our region. These campaigns are targeted at specific groups and our method of getting the message out varies depending on the group. An early detection message, for example, is aimed at men over 50 who are revealed through data to have a high mortality rate mainly due to the late detection of the melanoma. Advertising campaigns are employed to target this group as well as speaking directly to community groups such as Bowls, Rotary and Probis. Our infants & primary schools program includes a member of the HMF speaking to the class directly and distributing educational kits. High school students receive a more confronting message about the realities of melanoma and the real tragedies of young people’s lives cut short from the disease.

Research & training

Your money also goes into research conducted locally and including both national and international studies. The HMF provides funding for software to record databases, laboratory equipment, research training positions and clinical trials for the Melanoma Research by Conjoint Professor in Oncology Peter Hersey.

The HMF also funds educational & training courses for GPs to update their skills in melanoma diagnosis and treatment.

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