HMF Spot Check

SPot Check Tally

The HMF Spot Check campaign was introduced over the summer over 2020/2021.

Thanks to Funding from Novartis Pharmaceutical and The Wests Group, and the generosity of the Doctors from Newcastle Skin Check who donated their time, we were able to run 7 free skin check clinics out of the Cooks Hill Surf Club at Bar Beach.

Doctors completed a total of 723 Free Skin Checks.

Found over 175 suspicious spots.

36 Suspected melanomas

8 confirmed melanomas in 7 patients.

By far the most impactful education program we have undertaken.

We look forward to extending the program in the future and expanding to Lake Macquarie and the Hunter.

If you are interested in supporting HMF to fund a Spot Check clinic, or would like further information please send us an email

If you'd like to keep up to date on when and where our next spot check clinic is to be held, keep an eye on our social media pages, or join our mailing list.

Next Spot Check Clinic - Summer 24/25

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