Spotlight on Sunscreen- What sunscreen to buy?

The best sunscreen to wear is always the one you enjoy wearing. Finding a high protection sunscreen does not have to be expensive and there are definitely options available for all budgets!

Price is not necessarily reflective of the coverage or how “good” a sunscreen is. Some higher priced sunscreens may include additional ingredients for skin care benefits that are nice to haves, and may have nicer finishes however not entirely necessary to protect you from the sun.

In an effort to assist you in finding the sunscreen that is best for your budget, we have complied a few options in each budget category for you to check out!

Please note with the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) regulations we are unfortunately unable to provide you detailed recommendations on the individual products, however have included a mixture of different options and finishes.

Please remember to select sunscreen options that have gone through the rigorous testing in Australia but looking for the ‘AUST L’ followed by a number on the label. Any sunscreens that do not have this indicator have not been appropriately tested for Australian conditions.

Always read the label, reapply every 2 hours, especially when swimming, sweating or toweling. And remember that sunscreen should be used in association with other methods of sun defense such as clothing, hats, sunglasses and seeking shade.

Be safe this summer!

Sunscreens for under $20.00

Sunscreens for under $30.00

Sunscreens for under $40.00

Sunscreens for under $50.00

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